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Lets grow our businesses together When you are looking for advice on growing your business in the South Florida area, the Greater Tamarac Chamber of Commerce is the place the to start. Membership to the Chamber will give your business immediate increased exposure, as well as business networking opportunities and will put you in contact with other small businesses in your area where you can all trade advice and tips on what has worked for business growth.

There are many suggestions for growing your business such as re-branding your business if you are looking to give an already existing business a jump start. Another tip is to make sure you have a website, even if you are just targeting local area consumers. A lot of people turn to the Internet when looking for area businesses, so you will want to have an active website where consumers can find the details of your business.

Becoming a member of your local Chamber of Commerce means your business will be listed on their website, with a link to your own. Make sure to take advantage of the marketing opportunities from the Chamber once you have become a member, which will help in growing your business..

The Chamber of Commerce’s fundamental mission is to generate more business activity for the community. Becoming a member is a great place to start growing your business. The Greater Tamarac Chamber of Commerce receives calls on a daily basis from consumers and business looking for vendors, and we would love to be able to recommend your business after you become a chamber member.

Another tip for growing your business is to use social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are all tools that small businesses can use to increase exposure and business growth.

Please call the Chamber for special advertising rates with our local members. We offer Spanish, Caribbean newspapers, TV, local online blog, Tamarac & Sunrise local paper, coupon magazine and our Chamber advertising plan with the Shop Chamber discount card. All designed to get your business “out there”.

The Greater Tamarac Chamber of Commerce wants to get you on the right path to growing your business today. Give us a call and let’s get you started.

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